How you can use CBD Oil in your daily routine and diet.

by Adrian Rodney-Edwards on April 21, 2020

You likely already know the many benefits that come from using hemp oil and how they can help your beauty routine, but how do you incorporate that into the day-to-day?

Slip Some In Your Morning Coffee Or Tea

Hemp oil is an amazing addition to your morning routine. Since it promotes healthy brain function and focus, it’s easy to see the benefits that you’ll get from it when you add it to your morning coffee or tea. If you normally rely on a jolt of caffeine to get your day started, hemp oil works as a nice complement to that. It can help increase the capabilities that caffeine has, making it easier for you to feel the effects all day long.

Add Hemp Oil To Your Shampoo

Not only will hemp oil provide nourishing benefits to your scalp, but it will help promote healthy hair as well. Add a few drops to your shampoo bottle when you first open it or keep your hemp oil handy and add a drop each time you lather up. No matter which method choose make sure to mix it well with the shampoo to be sure that it’s evenly distributed throughout your hair.

Take Back Your Travel (Even If It’s Just Your Commute)

Whether your morning routine involves a multi-hour trip on the interstate, or you have to hop on a plane every few days, traveling becomes much more enjoyable with hemp oil. Take back your morning commute by consuming a drop or two right before your ride. Unlike other products, you can usually safely use it before driving as it will not produce any “high”.

After Exercising

Need a little pick me up after a particularly grueling exercise session? Whether it was leg day and you’re dying from all those lifts or you just finished running 18 miles for your marathon training, hemp oil will make you feel better. Simply mix it with a favorite (preferably unscented) lotion and rub it on your sore muscles and joints. Not only will the oil work to help soothe any pain you are feeling, but it will also alleviate any chafing or sore spots left behind by your exercise apparel.

Boost Your Afternoon Snack

Almost everyone deals with the three o’clock slump, but hemp oil can help you to power through. Stop yourself from hitting the vending machine and, instead, choose a healthy snack like granola or yogurt. Mix your favorite hemp oil with the snack. This will make it easier for you to relax and enjoy the last part of the day while your mind stays sharp and focused. Bonus: you also won’t have to deal with the sugar crash that would inevitably hit if you’d given in to those fast-food cravings.

Mix Up Your Moisturizers

Much like using it as an after rub for working out, you can use hemp oil as your daily moisturizer. Take advantage of the calming properties and allow hemp oil to work its magic on the delicate skin of your face and other areas of your body. In our opinion, it’s the perfect remedy for dry and dull skin! As with any new product, make sure to experiment with different amounts depending on your skin type.

Rub It On Before Bedtime

Perhaps one of the best times to use hemp oil in your daily routine is right before bedtime. You can rub it on your feet and other pressure points using lotion or a moisturizer, embrace it in tincture form, or you use a roll-on device made for essential oils. When you work hemp oil into your routine and you’ll have no problem getting relaxed ahead of a restful night sleep.

Try Hemp Oil Instead Of A Nightcap

Do you rely on a little drink to get you ready for bed every night? While there’s nothing wrong with drinks in moderation, you should try making a switch to hemp oil! Find a tea that you like that is caffeine free. Herbal varieties, especially those with chamomile, are especially calming and make for a good pre-bedtime routine. When you add hemp oil to the tea, or use it in tincture form just prior, you’ll be able to truly relax while knowing that your body is getting all the benefits that come from using high-quality hemp oil.


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