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Green Moments Studio

GREENE MOMENTS STUDIO is a space for yoga and wellness. We are located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn at the intersection of Greene and Grand.

We host yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, sound and movement therapy, fitness and wellness classes. We support events and community gatherings. Our goal is to welcome the full range of healthy and creative endeavors and events that express the diversity of our community.

Our bright studio contains plants, high ceilings, skylight, windows, fresh air, hardwood floors, theater curtains, soundboards, high definition projector and screen. We also have a small boutique, comfortable carpeted waiting and relaxation room adjacent to the studio.

Greene Moments Studio began as an inspiration by community residents, Ngone and Augustine, as a way to bring fun, wellness and learning to parents and children in the community.


We are conveniently located at 216 Greene Avenue, between Cambridge Place and Grand Avenue.


(347) 915-4946


216 Greene Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11238

Tuesday-Saturday 6am –9pm
Closed Monday
Sunday 8am-7pm


Ngone Mbaye

DE3A2602Ngone is a Co-Founder and Studio Manager of Greene Moments.

Ngone’s yoga journey started 7 years ago while working as a French language assistant teacher for Murray Hills Wee Ones Club, a Manhattan-based preschool. Once each week, a yoga instructor taught the children yoga movements. She became inspired by the way the instructor guided the children with games, music, and books while teaching various yoga poses and stretches. A short while later Ngone received her children’s yoga certifications from Little Flower Yoga, Urban Yoga Foundation, and Rainbow Kids Yoga.

In 2015, Ngone completed her 200-hour yoga certification and 300-hour yoga certification at Three Sisters Yoga in New York City. In 2017, she completed a 300-hour Hatha yoga certification in Rishikesh, India.

Ngone enjoys teaching yoga to children and adults. She guides all of her students through fun, intelligent, effective yoga classes and focuses on teaching relaxation, correct posture, and mindfulness. Her Goddess Yoga class invites all individuals to be present, honor and share the inner Goddess with others through uplifting movements and breathing. Every shape and all levels are welcome. Ngone believes that yoga is for every body. After each class participants leave with a piece of peace to share with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers.

Ngone’s classes are gentle and accessible to everyone. Individuals are encouraged to go at your own pace whether you are a beginner or experienced.

Augustine Diji  


Augustine is a Co-Founder and Operations Director of Greene Moments.

Augustine has been practicing meditation and Chi Gung (Carrying the Moon, Lifting the Sky, and Standing Mediation) for over 25 years. He has had the honor of expanding his knowledge of Chi Gung with lessons from Master Wong Kiew Kit and Master Robert Peng. Augustine trains in African Martial Arts systems and TUF Systems with friend and Master Heru-Ur Nekhet.

“Your body is your source of peace” is his mantra. A strong and healthy spirit, mind, and body is the foundation to enjoy one’s life.

Throughout every challenge, he has been blessed with a beautiful family, great friends, good health and a positive outlook on life. It was in Rishikesh, India Augustine learned to bring love and confidence deeper into his body during 200 hours of Yoga teacher training. His goal is to guide individuals towards a deeper Mind=Body connection so one can release emotional pain and find happiness within.

Avita Bansee  

IMG-20181014-WA0048 (1)Avita Bansee is a graduate of Yogaworks 200 hour RYTT and completed her postnatal and prenatal yoga training with Carrie Parker Gastelu of Baby Moon Prenatal Yoga. Avita has also taken various continuing education trainnings such as a minimal props restorative training with Jilian Pransky and a women’s health training with Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine. She teaches Prenatal, Postnatal, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.

Her classes are centered on breath, strength and active rest while maintaining a sense of playfulness. She has been working for 5 years with private clients, aiding them with pain management, birth recovery or general well being through yoga and exercise.

In addition to teaching yoga, Avita has a Masters in Political Science from the New School of Social Research and continues to be passionate about social justice, feminism and anti-racist activism through yoga and within the yoga community.

Asmi Shah


Asmi Shah has done yoga on and off for more than a decade, starting with old-school Indian DVDs. It was focusing on the breath and experiencing yoga as a moving meditation that transformed her life. She
completed her 200-hour teacher training at Yoga Vida in NYC and went to Nepal to study energy healing using Himalayan singing bowls. Her focus is on making yoga accessible for everyone and incorporating spirituality into the physical practice. She also offers a unique perspective as she is deeply connected with her Indian heritage and the everyday application of yogic principles.

Funmilayo Chesney

fumi 2                                                                                                                          Funmilayo was born in Brazil and grew up in Guyana. She has traveled extensively to Nigeria and Ghana, where she lived and studied dance for three years. She’s also visited the Congo, the motherland of her ancestors. From 1987 to 1992, she was a member of the only traditional Congolese dance company in New York City, Malaki MA Congo. Funmilayo has been teaching Congolese dance for almost 20 years in New York City and is the director of F.U.S.H.A. Dance Company, founded in 1995. In 1996, she won the Ethnic Dance Award for best African dance instructor. Funmilayo has also studied Ballet, Modern, Tap, Sabar, Guinean, Haitian, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, Dahomey and Dunham dance. She is employed by the Department of Education and teaches ethnic dance to pre-k through 12th grades. Funmilayo realizes that the ancient dance of the Congolese people, combined with the creative movements and sounds of their descendants, have shaped the culture of many music and dance styles in the Diaspora, including Samba, Salsa, Hip Hop, Reggae, Calypso, Cassav, Jazz, BellyDance, and popular dances like the Electric Slide and even Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk. She was inspired to form F.U.S.H.A. Dance Company to empower and educate people in the healing powers of dance, and to celebrate the richness of dance and culture from Africa and the Diaspora. Funmilayo and F.U.S.H.A. Dance Company have performed at Harvard University and Alvin Ailey, as well as in Jamaica, Sweden and Italy.


Kath Pullum 

kath pullum

A lifelong athlete and practicing yogini for over 15 years, Kath finally decided to become a trained yoga teacher after finishing a PhD and discovering that the yoga she was practicing was more fulfilling than the academic subjects she had been studying and teaching. Retaining a passion for education and knowledge-sharing and a strong grounding in physical fitness, Kath’s teaching style both nurtures and encourages students while challenging them to expand beyond their perceived personal limitations. With attention to alignment and the breath, her practice and teaching are by turns physically intense and slow and meditative, using the full range of yogic techniques to enable the mind and body to align for optimal health.

Having trained closely with Yogi Ashokananda since 2014, she has qualified under him to teach Himalayan Hatha Yoga (200hrs), Prana Kriya Yoga (200hrs), and pranayama and meditation (100hrs). She has taught individual and group classes, workshops, and retreats in the USA, UK, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Kath also practices and teaches Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

Daya Parvati Fennimore

Daya.pic 1Guide to your own empowerment, with a focus on compassion and strength. Daya, is an energy intuitive who honors all the harmless paths that lead to the divine and each individual’s ability to access higher guidance. Passionate about building community while assisting the discovery of people’s personal power by guiding them through self healing of this and past life traumas and blockages.

She is based out of Brooklyn NY, and practices internationally, offering 1 on 1 sessions, group sessions of meditation, energy healing, tarot, esoteric workshops, house clearings and sacred jewelry design.

Having trained with many master healers and elders of wisdom traditions, she is a certified Reiki master & teacher, spiritual aspirant and practitioner of the Shamanic arts, trained Ignite Your Spirit and Pranic Healing therapist, ordained interfaith minister with Alliance of Divine Love, sacred talisman designer Birth Doula with Carriage House Birth, and tarot reader with 15+ years experience reading cards at Aum Shanti in New York City and Su’juk Brooklyn. Having alchemized early childhood traumas, addiction, depression and suicide; she pulls from all of this to offer an integrated healing meditation style of transcendental consciousness that uses chakra breathing, sacred
geometry, affirmations, and shamanic journey.


Elizabeth Crone

head shot bw

Elizabeth is a Registered Yoga Teacher (200-hour RYT) with Yoga Alliance, a graduate from Shiva Shakti School of Yoga in NYC, and received her master’s degree from NYU in Arts Administration.

Movement has been Elizabeth’s way to heal and recharge; from kickboxing to hiking, to dancing, or yoga practice. At age ten, she was dancing in the studio and learning to express her own life’s challenges through leaps and turns. In her twenties, Elizabeth launched a dance company focused on teamwork and collaboration – breaking down the competitive stereotypes of the dance world. Then she found yoga and fell in love with the physical and spiritual practice where she could re-discover inner strengths.

This past year, she studied under Angela Rauscher and Jan Orland Go, Shiva Shakti’s founders and inspiring mentors, and studied anatomy under Adrienne Jamiel. Elizabeth is grateful to these goddesses for sharing their knowledge and inspiring change in the way she teaches.

Classes focus on discovering yoga in your own body, and allowing the female form to shine in each yoga pose. All bodies can flourish through a yoga practice. Elizabeth provides a serene, open, and encouraging space for all to practice safely.

Off the mat, Elizabeth works with entrepreneurs helping them to achieve goals, makes and sells mala beads, choreographs for children’s’ plays at Kaufman Music Center, and studies Ayurveda cooking [plus, shares recipes!]. She can’t wait to see you on the mat, where you can escape the chaos of the world and reconnect to the true energy of your universe.

Meredith Stein 

Meredith is a dedicated yoga practitioner, artist and arts educator based in Brooklyn. Her approach to teaching yoga and art are rooted in the same values: self-acceptance and inner exploration – and that by working from our outer physical self, we are able to go deeper within.

Meredith completed her 200-hour teacher training with Three Sisters Yoga In 2016 and has since taught community classes, Kids Yoga and private lessons. With an emphasis on breath work and alignment, Meredith’s nurturing and supportive nature creates a joyful practice that meets students where they are.


Kristen Rae Stevens

Kristen_Rae_Yoga-50Kristen Rae Stevens is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Specialist and Mind-Body Educator. She has been on faculty of esteemed yoga and Ayurveda schools in NYC, lectured at Mount Sinai Medical to Primary Care Physicians and has been an adjunct professor at Colombia and Barnard Colleges. She maintains a private practice in NYC and Brooklyn, NY, where she currently

For more on Kristen Rae please visit: somarae.com. For more on Shadow Yoga, please
visit: shadowyoga.com

Lee Hubilla

Lee H

Lee studied at The School of American Ballet, The Ailey School, and Alonzo King LINES Ballet School training program. Lee has had the pleasure of performing with Sidra Bell Dance New York and on America’s Best Dance Crew.  She continues to perform in immersive theater and dance events around NYC in addition to acting and dancing for commercials, television, and film. She has completed the conservatory long form improv program at the Magnet Theater which has influenced her greatly in her teaching and performing. She teaches movement and acting/improv for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through AHRC NYC.  When Lee isn’t teaching, she’s writing for and acting on stages and screens of various sizes.

A decade-long journey as a professional performer and teacher has brought Lee into wellness merging her love for movement and mindfulness.

Her quest to find awareness through a mindful practice that allowed her to reconnect to her body led to the development of her own unique approach to mindful movement. She combines elements of guided meditation with movement exploration. Lee is passionate about helping people get out of their head and into their body. These mindful movement sessions allow you to reacquaint yourself with your body and get back in touch with the innate mover within you!

Bradley Lloyd


Dedicated to serving a comprehensive, fun, safe and effective personalized training program specialized specifically for your needs.

Targeting males/females of all ages who aspire to improve their physical/mental state of being. Individuals who are not interested in large corporate gyms and huge equipment access, yet still desire improvement in health & fitness. With extensive certified training in resistance training Functional Movement Screen – FMS, TRX, TRX – Sports medicine, Kettlebells – KBC, TRX Rip Trainer, Group cycling Keiser M3 ride, NSCA – CSCS, NASM – sports performance enhancement, Pre/Postnatal postpartum.

Brad will provide you with an exhilarating workout that will exceed all fitness expectations. Whether your goal may be to lift heavier weights, run longer or faster, tone up or gain proficiency at a sport, improve flexibility or enhance overall movement qualities.  Brad’s motivating spirit and “get the job done” attitude will not disappoint.

Pena Verde

IMG_1346Pena Verde is from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He started playing Capoeira when he was 15 years old with Mestre Sabia, the coordinator of The Association of Ginga Mundo Capoeira.

Pena has been teaching Capoeira for over a decade.  In addition to adult classes, Pena teaches Capoeira to kids ages 2 and up. New York City schools where Pena has taught include Community Roots Charter School, The Co-op School, Brooklyn East Collegiate Middle School, Essex Street Academy High School, Bronx International High School, P.S. 372-the Children’s School, Brooklyn Friends School, Music Time Kids, and the Tribeca Community School.

Pena believes that Capoeira has been responsible for transforming the lives of people all over the world. For this reason, he is thankful for the opportunity to teach Capoeira in New York City.


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