Black Seed Hair Oil

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We’ve all had our fair share of hair shedding. It’s an issue that is almost impossible to avoid because of the myriad of factors that lead to hair fall. Unfortunately, for some of us, the problem does not just go away, and that is exactly why it is crucial to start taking intense care of your hair as soon as you notice the first signs of balding.The benefits of black seed oil (also known as Nigella sativa oil or black cumin oil) for hair and how it can assist you in your fight against hair fall.

  • Maintains Scalp Health
  • Stimulates Hair Regrowth
  • Curbs Hair Fall
  • Prevents Graying
  • Prevents Damage
  • Conditions Hair

Our hair fall control is a herbal formula which is a combination of essential oils and black seed oil that promotes healthy hair growth, stimulates hair growth, reduces hair loss and improves micro-circulation of scalp.