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Crystals & Stones

Each crystal has a unique vibrational frequency and can be used for a number of different purposes. We utilize copper and other metals to amplify the crystal energy. We make custom pieces based on birth month, intended benefit. Feel free to send us a message and we have one of our life Gardening Jewelry create you a custom piece. 

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Labradorite Heart SALE
  • 13g Madagascar Natural 
  • Material:   natural labradorite crystal quartz stone                     
  • Technique:  Polished
  • Theme:      heart
  • Item:         natural labradorite crystal heart
  • Color:        blue
  • size:               3 - 3.5cm
  • weight:       about  10-15 g


Attention: Size may be slight inaccuracy due to different batches of the products, or hand measurement, thanks for your understanding!

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Amethyst Energy Orgone Reiki Pyramid

Package Include
1 x Orgone Pyramid

What are Orgone Pyramids?
1. Crystal Pyramids can be used to draw off negative energies and blockages from the chakras, replenishing energy.
2. Orgone Pyramids are powerful spiritual tools that transform Universal Life Form Energy into a very powerful positive energy that will good for each area of your energies physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

1. Model: B08228
2. Color: As the pictures shown
3. Size: Base 7.2cm; Height 5cm Approx.
4. Material:Amyethst 

Natural Stone Orgonite Pyramids, Fengshui Home Decor

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Reiki Healing Orgonite Pyramid Energy

Metals Type: Copper

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8mm Lapis Lazuli And Aventurine Mala Bead Necklace, 108 Bead SALE

Fine or Fashion: Fashion
Item Type: Jewelry Sets
Style: Religious
Material: Stone
Model Number: JapaMala-No.74
Brand Name: LANSEIS
is_customized: No
Gender: Unisex
Jewelry Sets Type: Necklace/Bracelet
Religious Type: Buddhism
Included Additional Item Description: Necklace/Bracelet
Metals Type: Stone
Shape\pattern: Other
Compatibility: Other

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10 PCS/Box Tumbled Stone Natural Gemstone For Chakra Healing

Material: Stone
Style: Pastoral
Theme: Love
Regional Feature: China
Brand Name: jeaxi
color: mixed
size: 10-15mm
shape: irregular
topic: Decoration
style: Event & Party Supplies
gender: unisex
garden decoration: yes
Flower stone: yes
Quantity: 10 pieces
Fountain Decor: Yes

Amethyst Energy Orgonite Pyramid
Vibrational shift in your home or office.
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Orgonite Seven Chakra Energy Pyramid Aura Meditation EMF Protection

Orgonite Seven Chakra Energy Pyramid Aura Divination Supplies Yoga Meditation Ornaments Resin Craft Ornaments Bring Lucky Stone

What is Orgone

Orgone is an energy, another name for the etheric energy that fills the universe and everything in our body. Orgonite also represents the electronic frequency and vitality of the aura, Pula, biomagnetic energy, gas, software. What it excels at is to convert negative energy into positive energy and maintain a healthy and harmonious energy state.

Orgone's principle of operation

The organic component absorbs various energy waves (whether good or bad) from the space, adsorbs into the device, and then the metal fragments reflect and squeeze the energy, causing the original form of these energy to be destroyed and reassembled into a harmonious basic form.

The role of Orgone

Aohe is a small portable energy converter that operates in a wide range of applications.

1, purification of living environment

There are often many energy fields in the living environment in which we live. We cannot guarantee that there is always a good magnetic field in our environment. Orgone can play a certain role in eliminating the negative energy (adverse magnetic field) of the environment.

2, purify the human body energy field

We can't change the energy field around our body, and we ourselves will also produce negative energy. Orgone can understand our own negative energy balance human chakras.

Modern life is under great pressure. Most people have sleep problems and emotional stress. Orgone can be placed in the bedroom, which can improve some sleep problems (non-pathological) to a certain extent, relieve emotional stress and achieve a stable mood. purpose. It can be placed where you often do, so that we can better protect us from negative energy and can be placed next to the home appliances with large radiation.

3. If the place of residence is close to a large radio transmitter such as a cell phone signal transmission tower, it is recommended to purchase a number of Augenta towers around the place of residence. The Orgone Tower can be placed in both the room and the living room, thus avoiding some radiation damage.

You can place the Augenta next to appliances such as TVs, computers, routers, WiFi, etc. to improve ambient radiation and can be placed next to any electronic device.

The meaning of the crystals of different colors:

Obsidian, red agate, garnet -- representing survival, security, Kundalini energy

Red ghost, red rabbit hair crystal, coral --representative function, animal instinct, facial features control

Citrine, tiger eye, amber --representing emotions, desires, health, etc.

Pink crystal, pink tourmaline, Dongling jade, Turkish stone, green garnet, green crystal, turquoise -- representing conscience, fraternity, imagination and vitality

Lapis lazuli, blue crystal, blue turquoise, sea blue treasure -- representing creativity and surrender

Fluorite, lapis lazuli, and chalcedony -- representing intuition, heavenly eyes, inspiration, calming, healing

Amethyst, white crystal, soothing stone, white ghost -- representing piety, desire, cosmic consciousness

Crystal represents the angel and power

Moonstone -- represents the moon cycle, enthusiasm, sensitivity, treatment is beneficial to the female physiological cycle, corresponding to the archangel Haniel

Malachite -- represents health, healing physical illness (non-medical means, not equivalent), corresponding to the archangel Rapheal

Transparent crystal -- to resolve the blockage of spirituality and energy, corresponding to the archangel Raziel

Amber -- Resolve resentment, emotional healing, corresponding to the archangel Uriel

Lapis Lazuli -- mental function, principle others, corresponding to the archangel Zadkiel

Turquoise -- the potential of life, corresponding to the archangel Sandalphon

Water crystal and sea water sapphire -- representing the relationship between the private and the business, corresponding to the archangel Raguel

Shu Shilai Stone -- can resolve fear and tension, and purify energy, corresponding to Archangel Michael

Watermelon Tourmaline -- dealing with learning disabilities, childhood problems, purification and adjustment of the chakra center, corresponding to the Archangel Metatron

Pink tourmaline -- the phenomenon of negative energy and chaos, representing the archangel Jophie

Amethyst -- Treats emotions and evokes enthusiasm, representing the archangel Jeremiel

Citrine -- creativity, nourishment of leadership, healing anxiety, representing the archangel Gabriel

Green fluorite -- treating anxiety and bringing calm, the loved one, representing the archangel Chamuel

Milky yellow calcite -- resolve sadness, comfort, greetings from heaven, representing the archangel Azrael

Pink crystal -- rich, courageous, open wings, healing elves, representing the archangel Ariel

Orgonite PyramidEnergy Converter Aura

1 Purify the living environment

 Orgonite can eliminate the negative energy (adverse magnetic field) of the environment. orgonite can reduce electromagnetic radiation.

2 Purify the human body energy field

Orgonite can be placed in the bedroom to improve some sleep problems (non-pathological), relieve emotional stress and achieve balance.

3:For objects

You can charge any beverage water food to gain more vitality and life energy. Every few minutes.

It can also be placed under the seat, the instrument panel and nearby sound.

You can put orgonite under your car seat, on or near the dashboard, and the electromagnetic field is usually the biggest place to create a vehicle.

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14Pcs natural crystal mineral gift box SALE

Material : natural crystal Box Size:227x143mmx52mm(1in=25.4mm)    Box with crystals weight::1200g 

crystals weight::850g 

selenite weight:100-130g 

Amethyst cluster weight:100-150g Himalayan rock weight:100-150g selenite stick weight:100-130g labradorite weight:40-50g 

crystal weight:30-40g 

rose quartz weight:30-40g 

smoky quartz weight:10-25g 

rock quartz point weight:10-25g rainbow bismuth crystal weight:15-35g crystal ball weight:30-35g 

rose quartz ball weight:30-35g 

obsidian ball weight:30-35g 

 celestite cluster weight:30-35g 

base diamete:20mm 

Package:14 psc natural crystal Birthday gift, New Year gift, party decoration, family decoration, collection gift box, gem box for children Good gift for friends and family! Note: 1. Please allow the error caused by manual measurement. 2. Different monitors have different colors. 3. Natural crystals are different from each other

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1PC Labradorite Hexagonal Crystal Point

Color: Multicolor
height: 50-80 mm
width: 18-25 mm
thickness: 1825 mm
Weight: 60 g


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Clear Crystal Globe Paperweight SALE

Globe shape, beautiful appearance.
Color optional, innovative style, Crystal texture is elegant.
Fashion Decoration, Christmas Valentines Day gift.
A perfect addition to your table, desk, shelves, or interior Decor.

Packing list:
1 * Globe

Color: Gold, Silver
Package: with Box
Size: 6.5 x 4.5 x 4.5cm
Metarial: Artificial Crystal

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