12” Selenite Skyscraper Tower| Cleanse Aura & Protect Energy

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A brilliant piece of selenite has been cut and shaped into this tower, perfectly suited for any table, desk, nightstand, shelf, etc. Stone imported from Morocco.

This crystal cleanses other crystals and powerful enough to clear your aura from negative energy. Make sure to keep it away from water.




🌟Named for Selene, a Greek moon goddess, because of it’s color, glowing like the moon. 

Physical: For back or spinal pain, sex drive, and sleep,  menstrual cycle, skin elasticity, a youthful appearance. Helps wrinkles, age spots, skin problems- such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin sensitivity. It helps loss of fertility, hair loss, epilepsy, light sensitivity. Alleviates the effects of leakage from mercury amalgam fillings. It helps conditions that are associated with free radicals, including cancer and tumors. Helps abuse.

Emotional/ Spiritual: Expands your awareness, helps you enter a meditative state, and increases telepathic abilities. Selenite is great for cleansing your stones and dispelling negative energy. Selenite can remove energy blocks from physical and etheric bodies. It’s great for meditation and spiritual work, it will also clear the energy in a room. Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum.

🚨Please do not immerse your Selenite in water or it can eventually dissolve the mineral.