3 Piece Set Mini Gardening Tools - Claw and Shovel Tools with Wooden Handles


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3 Piece Set Mini Garden Shovels and Claw Tool with Wooden Handles

1. This little set of garden hand tools can be very handy for people who have potted plants or window boxes. 2. Their small size makes them the ideal tools for use in limited areas, like flower pots. 
3. This set includes a 7-inch thin-tipped (1 1/4 inch wide) shovel with a pointed end, a 6 3/4 inch wider tipped (1 3/4 inch) shovel, and a 6-inch claw tool with 3 (1 inch) prongs. 
4. All 3 pieces have steel heads and 1/2 inch diameter solid wood handles. 
5. Please be advised: these are real metal tools, not toys. 
6. It is strongly recommended that these tools should only be used under direct adult supervision, and the youngest recommended age is 5 years and older to avoid injuries. 

Weight: 100g
Product size: 17cm * 7cm * 3.5cm shovel
Three teeth rake: 15cm * 5.5cm * 4.5cm
Spade: 17.5cm * 8cm * 4.5cm

Package Content:
3 x Garden Shovels Tool

3 x Garden Shovels Tool