7 Chakra Pyramid Pendulum | Reiki Pendulum

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Pyramid crystal tower pendulum with seven chakra crystals: red jasper, orange agate, aragonite, green aventurine, blue howlite, onyx, and amethyst. You get one pendulum with a silver plated chain very similar to the image above. Please expect some slight variation in terms of color, as there are some variations unique for each stone.
Pendulum mesurements (approx): 45mm x 15mm/1,7" x 0,6".
Total lenght chain: 17cm/6,7"
Weight (approx): 19g

CHAKRA is a word that means wheel and vortex and refers to the seven energy centers that make up our consciousness and our nervous system.
These chakras or energy centers regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. When the energy in a chakra turns counterclockwise it is said that the chakra is closed, and that causes difficulties and blockages in the areas of life ruled by it. The functioning of the chakras reflects the decisions they made when reacting to the circumstances of our life; We open and close these valves when we decide what to think and what to feel, and when we choose the perceptual filter through which we want to experience the world around us.
The crystals and natural stones help us to purify and unblock the chakras, as well as to meditate through yoga and other disciplines such as reiki. In crystal therapies, each chakra is associated with different stones according to their color and therapeutic properties.

First - Root Chakra. Red jasper.
Second - Sacral Chakra. Orange agate.
Third - Solar Plexus: Aragonite.
Fourth - Heart Chakra: Green aventurine.
Fith - Throat Chakra. Blue howlite.
Sixth - Third Eye Chakra: Onyx.
Seventh - Crown Chakra: Amethyst.

* All stones are natural, we don't sell synthetic stones.
* The pictures shown are of the actual stones that you will receive. Please note that colors may look slightly different depending on your monitor calibration. All stones are natural, so little imperfections can appear.
* Gems are always measured in millimeters (mm) and inches (").
* The dimensions indicate the length x width x thickness.
* Select the stones for his size, not weight! Weight is not a good indication of size because the density varies greatly from one stone to another.
Note: 1ct = 0.2 g / 1g = 5ct
*Explanation of clarity:
- Transparent: the stone allows the diffusion of light without interference.
- Translucent: light passes through the stone, but it is not transparent.
- Opaque: light doesn't passes through the stone.

Any crystal attached to a string or chain can be used as a pendulum. Pendulums can be used to locate imbalances in the body in need of healing, identify the flow of energy, or can be used for divination.