Candida Yeast Anti-Fungal Cleanse

Candida Yeast Anti-Fungal Cleanse


Supports overall health, energy levels and a balance of healthy intestinal flora. Contains a gentle and powerful blend of herbs and enzymes to support the reduction and overgrowth of candida Our candida supplement supports gastrointestinal health and the immune system, plus restores healthy gut and intestinal flora.

Helps to cleanse and detox Candida.
Ingredients: Kola nut, Green tea, Asparagus, Sarsaparilla Ashwagandha, Ginger and Moringa leaf turmeric, oregano leaf, Anise seed, Black walnut hulls Red reishi mushrooms Other Ingredients: Dandelion Alfalfa, nettle extract,  activated charcoal Comfrey root, Bitter herb, Garlic and olive leaf Also includes Oregano* Thyme Clove, Pine Resin *Pumpkin Seed *Berberine and Gentian extracts Support immune health Suggested use Adults: Take 1 TBSP of liquid  3 times a day Before a meal. (shake well)