Cervical Vertebrae Neck Support Breathable


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Product : High Elastic Cervical Vertebra Care Belt
Material: Non-woven
Packing Size: approx. 25*16*6cm

1. Special elastic material to ensure effective and stable support of the head, share the weight of the head and reduce the pressure on the cervical vertebrae. Relieve cervical pain.
2. Inverted trapezoidal three-dimensional sewing technology, suitable for the neck, effective support, while ensuring the neck can be flexible.
3. Mesh and internal ventilation materials, feel comfortable, not boring.
4. Light weight, small size and easy to carry.
5. Beautiful and generous shape.

1. Effectively support the head and relieve neck pressure.
2. Correct posture to prevent excessive neck bending.

Package Included :
1 *  Cervical Vertebra Care Belt