Jamaican Wildcrafted Seamoss


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Jamaican Sea Moss is harvested in the coastal guards of Jamaica. 

Organic Wild-crafted Sea Moss is harvested by hand off the coast of Jamaica and dried under the warm Caribbean sun. This Sea Moss is a nutrient-dense super-food, which contains over 90 trace minerals, as well as vitamins and other essential compounds.

Real Wildcrafted Sea Moss is also packed with fiber that regulates bowel movement and relieves gas. It can be applied while bathing and therefore hydrates your skin. The authentic Jamaican sea moss washed and dried in the sun.


1. Rinse off in water to remove any excess sea salt.

2. Soak in spring or distilled water to rehydrate. The sea moss will more than double in size and become softer.

3. TO USE (NO-HEAT) - Add the whole sea moss to the blender when making smoothies, etc.

4. TO USE (ADD HEAT) – Boil the re-hydrated sea moss in distilled or spring water to form a gel. Add the gel to your foods and enjoy the mineral-rich properties.