Labradorite Heart Crystal Potion Necklace (with dropper) - Throat Chakra

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Labradorite crystal works with your throat and heart chakra. Which helps speak your truth and increases psychic abilities. It’s your companion through change & imparting strength.
It also helps protect from the evil eye and overall attracting luck.

Did I mention that this is a true show stopper due to its reflective blue color



This is a perfume bottle pendant necklace that you can open.
You can put a little perfume into the bottle and wear it.
Each piece is a little different, we don't sales the exact picture one, pls noted.

Style: Perfume Bottle Necklace
Perfume Bottle Material: Labradorite
Chain Material: Stainless Steel
Perfume Bottle Shape: Heart
Perfume Bottle Size: 30x41mm
Necklace Length: Approx 18inch
Necklace Weight: Approx 20g/strand
Quantity : 1strand