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Strongly aligned with the vibrations of magic and perception - Labradorite helps to strengthen intuition and connect to the third eye chakra. If one has undeveloped magic or psychic abilities, labradorite can help to harness them. These qualities make the stone ideal for finding the hidden meaning and divine guidance behind the synchronicities we experience in life. The protective nature of this stone allows one to work on spiritual growth from a safe space.

Crystals in a heart shape are great for calling in love of all types. Used over the heart chakra, they allow you to bring in the energies of the stone and dispel blockages related to love or heart healing. This shape can also be used for manifesting new love in your life and calling in more passionate energies. They make a wonderful totem, to carry with you throughout the day as a reminder that you are worthy of love and your divine place in the universe.

*This listing includes: (1) Lovely Puffy Labradorite Crystal Heart

*Crystal sizes may vary from 2 inches

*Note: You will be shipped a similar Labradorite heart, every crystal is unique in its own lovely way

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