Electric Body Massage Gun is adopted high-quality motor. It has ultra-strong heat dissipation function, does not crash. It can work for a long time and is not stop working because the movement overheats. The high-precision mold makes the machine head and body well connected.

With the Muscle Massager Gun, you can knead neck, shoulder, back at the same time massage, but also waist, legs, hand massage. The massage is more comfortable and effective. It also helps ease myalgia pain, reduces muscle tension, and can even increase exercise performance.


1. Including 4 different massage heads, meeting various demands.

2. Effectively reduce muscle stiffness and sore pain, increasing blood circulation.

3. 4-speed adjustment, you can choose that you fit.

4. 10 minutes intelligent timing guarantees the long life of the machine.

5. 2400mAh large capacity lithium battery, 2 hours stand by.

6. With over-protection, overheat protection, and other safety protection devices, safe to use.

7. Suitable for recovery after sports fatigue, rehabilitation after a sports injury, pain relief during the convalescence period of surgery, as well as reducing inflammatory reaction.

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