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This LED Flashlight is a High-Quality Li-polymer battery and 3 Super bright LEDs to shine stronger, brighter, and longer. This lifetime of the LED lights is over 100,000 hours. It's especially connected with a USB cable, as an emergency power bank to charge your mobile devices. This is a red safety taillight on the back of the battery bin that can be a reminder in the walk or run at night, to provide a safer environment.

This USB Rechargeable Flashlight has IP65 waterproof rating and switches cable, and a high-quality battery bin is more sealed to prevent water leakage, even on rainy days and other bad weather can be used normally. This is very suitable for fishing, hunting, night racing, hiking, camping, car repair, emergency rescue, and other outdoor and indoor activities.


  • Working Voltage: 3.6~4.2 V
  • Modes: Low(1 big middle light on); Mid(2 small side lights on); High(3 lights on) & strobe
  • Water Resistance: Impervious to rainfall, avoid submerging it in water.
  • Strap Length: Adjustable, 11~22 inch/ 28~58 cm ; Weight: 270 g

Kindly remind:
1). Please remove the plastic wrap off the batteries at first-time use, otherwise can't recharge success!  Avoid using your headlamp while charging.
2). Do not install upside down of the batteries positive and negative pole, if the batteries are installed in the opposite position, it may damage the headlamp.
3). Please charge it in a dry environment, and avoid using it when charging it!
4) Please get the headlamp recharged with the original power adapter, or the battery life will be shortened and an accident may be caused.
5). If the light becomes dark, Please recharge in time! After fully charged, please unplug the cable and the adapter for safety. And charging time should be over 8 hours.
6). Please keep the headlamp away from the flammable and explosive materials when charging

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