Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light+ 2.3ft x 2.3ft x 5.2ft Grow Tent Kits with Carbon Filter System For Indoor Seeding VEG Plants Flowers


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Upgrade SF 1000

✔Long Lasting ✔Highly Efficient ✔Grow Amazing Harvests!!


☑Customize Brightness More Flexible & More Relieved

Multi Light Connection Dimming

☑Gospel for commercial growers

How To Choose Led Grow Lights

①Compare the micromoles per joule(umol/J) ! Our SF Light 2.7 umol/J ⇎ Ohter Light 0.27 umol/J ②Uniform Light coverage can make very full light of the whole grow tent ③Actual Power Consumed, Ignore those Fake Wattages! ④Choose the best PPFD to get amazing harvest

How to Distinguish True and Fake SAMSUNG Diodes?

✔ SAMSUNG diodes uses a unique"Flip chip"can not see the gold wire. ✘ Other cheap diodes or fake SAMSUNG diodes can see the gold wire.

How to Distinguish True and Fake SAMSUNG Diodes?

● Spider Farmer has our own factory and production capacity. We can control every procedure from raw material to finished products and after-sales ● Each light is designed with 72 hours durability tests and multiple times of QC tests. ● Spider Farmer LED is applied with Authorized Samsung diodes and MeanWell Driver. Don't Cheat by Lmitations !!!

Have SPIDER FARMER LED, Plants Enjoy Sunlight In Your House

SF 1000W Details Avg Power Draw :☑ 100W±5%@AC120V Number of LEDs :☑ 218led HPS Replacement :☑200W Vegetative Coverage:☑ 90x90cm=3x3ft Flowering Covergae:☑ 60x60cm=2x2ft Dimmable Function: ☑ YES Suitable for All Plants:☑ YES New Arrival: ☑ YES For 2 x 2 ft Space: ☑ 1 pc For 3 x 3 ft Space: ☑ 1 pc For 4 x 2 ft Space: ☑ 2 pc For 4 x 4 ft Space: ☑ 2 pcs

70x70x160 cm Grow Tent

Package includes

☑ 1xSF 1000 ☑ 1x70X70X160 CM TENT ☑ 1xCarbon filter ☑ 1x Thermo-hydrometer ☑ 4x Fans ☑ 1x Timer ☑ 1x 10cm flue pipe ☑ 1x Fan speed control ☑ 4x 5 Gallon Bags ☑ 1x Planting net ☑ 1x YOYO hangers

Recommended For

①Grow tents ②Grow rooms ③Large indoor grows ④Vegetative growth and/or flowering ⑤Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower ⑥Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems


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☎The light can be returned or replaced within 30 days after receiving.( Man-made damage will not be acceptable) Only Germany, the United States, Australia, Canada can provide return service. ☎We provide 3-year warranty on parts under normal use.All products is 100% original and come with a manufacturer warranty.All SPIDER FARMER lights have been carefully inspected before shipment.If there is any quality issue, Picture of the problem must be needed for warranty application. ☎For More details, please contact us. SPIDER FARMER will always try our best to solve the problem for you.