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A tea-lovers kit is not complete without the correct tea accessory. These pieces of teaware are essential to the successful brewing of fine loose-leaf teas.

This Stainless Steel Tea & Spice Infuser can be used as a loose leaf tea strainer and for spice infusions. It holds at least 2 teaspoons of loose herbs. Possibly more depending on the density of your herbs.

Made of 18/8 stainless steel material

Size is 6.5 inches long (holder and ball)

The Tea Ball size is 2"

*Please note that upon receipt the tea ball mesh may have bends but can be easily smoothed out. I ship as carefully as possible to avoid any bends but anything is possible during transit once it leaves my facility.

All loose-leaf teas need space to unfurl and release their flavor during the brewing process, and our infusers allow them to do just that.

Tea infuser...For all your loose leaf tea and herbal needs! ❤️