Signs You Need a Detox

by Adrian Rodney-Edwards on June 16, 2021

Toxins can enter your body in the form of food, water, cleansing products, Personal care and even makeup. They are sneaky metals and toxic chemicals that are being pumped into our communities. For example, did you know that your expensive perfume could be leaching metals into your blood system? If you follow me on Instagram, you are pretty much aware of my brand’s POV regarding the addiction to chemicals that our community is facing.  That’s why we’re here, to reconnect you back with your body and with plants. Have you heard the phrase “you are what you eat?” Yup, totally true. the food that you eat can make you unhappy and have harm effects. Also, the first level of protection is your skin, Which is a protective layer that absorbs everything you apply and spray on. Your skin absorbs like a sponge and brings the liquid or chemical into your blood. Next, let's talk about our organs, which works OVERTIME to keep up with our modern habits. Imagine, we now wake up, drink coffee, eat processed foods three times a day, and hardly drink any water. Mount on stress effects of Adulthood.

Women sleeping on her desk while at work with a cup of coffee. 2 words over her head that read average adult. She is overworked, tired, fatigued, coffee addiction, adrenal fatigue.

A big part of self-care is understanding that you must activate self awareness for one self. Understanding that you are compassed of organs and allowing it to have a chemical break. an actual detox, is imperative. My fellow gardeners, below are 12 signs that you need to have a detox:

  • Irregularity, diarrhea and other digestion problems.
  • Regular colds and infections.
  • Inexplicable headaches.
  • Lower pain in the back.
  • General pains and discomforts.
  • Tiredness and low energy.
  • Failure to feel rested after sleep.
  • Jeopardized resistance to infections.
  • Failure to slim down.
  • Fuzzy thinking.

Our body reduces the effects and removes toxic chemicals through the liver, kidneys, intestinal tracts, skin and lungs. If any of these organs are dealing with inflammation, their functions will be reduced and won't filter out toxic chemicals. Which allows them to enter the bloodstream. Now having a holistic point of view towards food and health allows our community breaks generational traps that can empower us to reconnect with our roots and achieve health. Gardeners Here’s a quick and easy way to start detoxing. 

Use herbs that promote the cleansing of waste, Start by cleansing out your colon with our Dr.Mission Colon Cleanser, Pour 2oz into a cup and chase it down with a piece of fruit, we recommend an orange because the acid will counteract the bitterness.

Oranges, Citrus, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Colorful, Orange  

After, proceed to make yourself a smoothie and add some RAW Purple Sea Moss. Here’s why, Sea Moss carries 92 out of the 100 Vitamins, which every human  needs. Earth’s Multivitamin. It also expands so it works like a sponge within your body to help push out any blockages. If making a smoothing is too challenging, we also sell Sea Moss Capsules! Prepare a “light but nutritious lunch”. Keep your food option “Clean” and stick to eating Vegetables that are easy to digest. Drink close to 2L - 4L of water (2L to start). P.S people are known for dropping close to 20lbs of waste using this detox method. Do this for a week, and you’ll notice changes with your skin, nails and of course overall body. We're here to be a brand that supports your healing journey. 

Cleansing your organs can assist with better skin, an improvement of mental health and extending longevity. We're here to promote health and wellness in our community. If you're interested in getting any items from this blog! Please use our 10% Discount Code of SpreadLove . Our next blog post will discuss the important of protecting yourself from stress! Hope to see you once a week here! See you next week and let's learn to empower ourselves through health and maintain inner peace for longevity. 

Peace and Blessings Family!

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