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Tigers Eye Polished Point

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“Feel better” stone. “Go for it” stone. Good for intuition, courage, new beginnings, absent/ distant healing (especially through meditation), and sharpening the mind. Assists intuitions, gut feelings, and investigations and, as such, is useful for the police, scientists, insurers, and accountants. It helps narrow mindedness. Brings wealth and yin/ yang balance and right/ left balance.

Physical: Good for nocturnal vision and the entire digestive system. It helps digestion and digestive disorders. It also helps eye diseases and broken bones.

Emotional/Spiritual: Good for balance, calm, and grounding. It helps fear, worry, depression, turmoil, inhibition, negativity, introversion. Good for people who are deliberately obstructive.

Each stone, being a product of nature,  varies in color, size and are approximate 4.7"