Dried Nettle Leaf / Urtica Diotica 6oz | Alkaline

Dried Nettle Leaf / Urtica Diotica 6oz | Alkaline

Nettle has been long appreciated for its medicinal uses! It's a nutritional powerhouse! 

Super cool facts about this plant:
- it's an antiallergenic herb! which helps you battle allergies season.
- It's packed with Iron, Calcium, & Magnesium, Chronium, Manganese, Phosphorus, & Chlorophyll.
- As a Diuretic, it' will promote uterine production which flushes kidneys and moves waste. (Surprisingly amazing for enlarged prostates)
- Improve Immune Function and ease menstrual cramping/

For magical purposes! This herb is utilized for protection and confound enemies. Nettle is a good addition to a cleansing baths. As it helps remove any negativity from the Aura. The energies of nettle are not and tend to burn away vibrations that are draining to the vitality of a place or person.

the use Great for detoxifying the body as it helps cleanse the kidney with frequent urine.

Brew Nettle leaf and drink 200ml daily as a tonic.