7 Chakra Rose Sage Bundle (3-4
7 Chakra Rose Sage Bundle 4
7 Chakra Rose Sage Bundle 4

7 Chakra Rose Sage Bundle 4"

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Purify Your Space and Chakras with White Sage and Seven Chakra Roses Smudge Bundle

Introducing the White Sage and Seven Chakra Roses Smudge Bundle - a powerful tool for clearing negative energy, purifying your space, and aligning your chakras. The combination of white sage and real rose petals creates a unique energy that promotes love, happiness, and new beginnings. With rose petal colors aligned to the seven chakras, this smudge stick is perfect for those seeking to balance and cleanse their energy centers. Whether you're looking to clear your home, office, or yourself, the White Sage and Seven Chakra Roses Smudge Bundle is an essential addition to your spiritual practice.

Aromatic and Hand-Wrapped Size 4” White Sage from California

Our White Sage is grown and harvested in California, USA, and is traditionally used by North American Indians as a means of purification. Our smudge sticks are hand-wrapped with pure cotton, love, and sacred intention, making each one unique and special. When lit, the smoldering bundle of sage and roses produces a highly aromatic fragrance that fills the space with positive energy. Great for ritual, incense, or purification use, our White Sage is the perfect addition to your spiritual toolkit.

Experience the Benefits of White Sage through Sage Smudging

Sage smudging is the easiest and most popular way to experience the benefits of white sage. Simply burn a bundle of dried sage and direct the smoke onto the areas you want to clear or protect. As the smoke spirals and fills the space, it cleanses negative energy and transforms it into universal energy. With the help of the plant spirit, express gratitude and set your intention for why you're burning sage. The energy of white sage brings cleansing, protection, and blessings into the space it's burned in, making it an essential tool for any spiritual practice.